Review #210

"I don't know what can possibly be said about these fine pieces of art that hasn't already been said about penicillin, sliced bread or the wheel. After years of resting drinks on the arm of our couch, I decided to take the plunge and order a Beginnings48 table. Gone are the days of 'Where the hell is my coffee?', 'Oh crap! My wine!' and 'Oh crap! My coffee!', I no longer have to ask my husband to clean up after me. This purchase was life changing - not only do I yell at the kids less but I'm even calling my husband by his given name, and my neighbor Brittney's jealousy was just a bonus. I can't say enough about the therapeutic effects owning this magnificent coffee table has had on our whole family. All that and we're even 10% richer!" - Tiffany K. (And yes, REAL REVIEWS can be found under 'Testimonials')

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Review #336

"This table fixed my menopause!" - Kathleen S.