the design studio

Sketch: A DNA sculpture

What started originally as a DNA based design for a wine rack now has come full circle. The idea for this is the broken strand - I can see this one as an impressive wall sculpture 6 ft high.

Sketch: The latest U-shaped coffee table design

The thought behind this is to develop a design that hangs onto the glass only at the very edges -  the overlapping wood clearly defines the shape. (2'x4')

The latest #2 top view

Storage is always the issue (and usually gets in the way of design) but I think this one handles the task perfectly. This will be a fun build.

The latest delivery

This piece was a Hall table for one of our best clients down in Portland. This is the first thing they see and have been getting rave reviews from everyone who walks in the door.

"Slope" - a test design from last year

This one has the emphasis on a simple, gentle curve with a cantilevered top

"Slope" prototype

Shown with a 30" top and really looks gorgeous (but really needs to be more of a hall table).