life in.

Handmade furniture that makes statements, 

(but we'll take speechless).

What we make...


Handmade therapy. 

Calming, smooth hardwood in flowing, artistic designs - ones that stop conversation and increase heart rate.

In the hard-edged world of furniture...

a little harmony goes a long way. Calming, curved lines that cascade where straight lines do not. Beauty shouldn't be sacrificed to be functional - we make it memorable.

Tabletop wine racks to show off your style.

We are designers, inventors, creators...

making statements and impressions. Make them yours.

Tables that are perfect for coffee, wine and jealous neighbors.

Art you can (and should) live in.

We may be dangerous, dramatic, flashy.

Nothing wrong with that. Besides, sometimes raising your blood pressure can be a good thing.

<<  A V-shaped hall table that knows how to make an entrance.

We exemplify the balance.

It always must be a dance of beauty and functionality with just a hint of 'How did they...' 

This twisted lovely is our DNA Wine Rack.

Everything we design

is meant to stand out, take notice, and make you a little breathless. 

So just think of what it will do to your neighbors.

Wave coffee table (plus, it gives excellent foot massages).


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