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Stunning tables and amazing wine racks.

Innovative, handmade custom furniture with only one goal... to leave you speechless.

Review #210

"I don't know what can possibly be said about these fine pieces of art that hasn't already been said about penicillin, sliced bread or the wheel. After years of resting drinks on the arm of our couch, I decided to take the plunge and order a Beginnings48 table. Gone are the days of 'Where the hell is my coffee?', 'Oh crap! My wine!' and 'Oh crap! My coffee!', I no longer have to ask my husband to clean up after me. This purchase was life changing - not only do I yell at the kids less but I'm even calling my husband by his given name, and my neighbor Brittney's jealousy was just a bonus. I can't say enough about the therapeutic effects owning this magnificent coffee table has had on our whole family. All that and we're even 10% richer!" - Tiffany K. (And yes, REAL REVIEWS can be found under 'Testimonials')

Welcome to our world...

...a world of therapeutic calming.

We like to call it handmade therapy. While some like the extreme challenge putting together a box-built shelving system, or succumbing to the local big box offerings, we get back to true handmade artistry.  Calming, smooth hardwood in flowing designs - ones that increase heart rate.

<<  This spectacular "Jimmy V" hall table knows how to make an entrance. Designed exclusively for the recent annual V Foundation cancer benefit event held each year in Napa Valley, this donated item was part of $18 million raised in 3 days. A truly great cause.

breathe in... breathe out.

In the hard-edged world of furniture...

A little harmony goes a long way with curved lines that cascade where straight lines do not. Beauty shouldn't be sacrificed to be functional - these are works of art.  Each one of our designs is based on natural and organic elements with curves that show delicacy and strength in an artistic form. We use only hand-shaped, sanded and polished hardwoods with hidden joinery to clearly define the negative space and give each individual piece its own character. 

>> the Beginnings line of artisan tables, our biggest seller.

this is your beginning
Our floor to ceiling amazing wine rack

We design, invent, create.

Reinventing new directions in artisan woodworking - though frankly, we can't remember after which came first - the design, or the problem of what to do with 2 dozen empties! Problem solved either way.

<< Double DNA - This spectacular wine rack is our most eye-opening design and can accommodate variations in rotation and heights - and yes, this picture shows our 8 ft. tall model, floor to ceiling model that hold 24 bottles. (This is a purely custom piece - call for pricing).

let's do the twist

In the mood for something risky?

Be dangerous.

And why not!! Nothing wrong with that - besides, sometimes raising your blood pressure can be a good thing. Each one of our designs start you off with a healthy dose of pure, handmade expertise and end with nothing short of inspiring.

yes, i want to be dangerous

Plenty of flowy, curvy goodness.

It always must be a dance of beauty and functionality with just a hint of originality (well, maybe a BIG hint). Wine-inspired but not included.

This twisted lovely is our Double DNA Wine Rack. >>

yes, wine is in my dna

Everything we design

is meant to stand out, take notice, and make you a little breathless, but have you thought about what it will do to your neighbors? (Let's get that jealousy working FOR you).

<< Wave coffee table

let's make waves

Review #336

"This table fixed my menopause!" - Kathleen S.

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